Core competence

Core competence






Our core competences and our differentiation factors are automation, IT and staff. This knowledge has been built and enhanced for years, just to prove that we can deliver efficient logistic solutions based on the requirements and condition of every unique organization/customer.

We adapt both the physical - and the systematic frameworks with the aim to provide the most efficient logistic solution for your company and your industry. Read more below about our core competences.

Our core competence

- Your strength!



We have through several automation projects, created great knowledge and experience in the field, within operations of small and large automation facilities.

We are an independent logistics partner with a goal to provide customized logistics solution that is most suitable and efficient in the market place. We are through our values bonded to always strive for the best alternative for each of our customers.

We are not afraid to adapt innovation so that your company can have logistics as a competitive advantage. The logistics should never be a limitation for you company.

We custom-make




We suite and develop our own system and can therefore customize them after your requirements.

Our software department has developed our own IT-system to be flexible, safe and powerful. With 25 competent engaged co-workers, we are constantly developing our system to become better and safer. We offer your company the best solution by adapting the unique requirements from your organization to our custom-made WMS.

What is you requirements?

Our name is our promise.



Our employees are the most important part for our development. We can build strength in our employees by continuously train and development our internal competences and values. Through this can we guaranty high quality on our services to our customers.

Two methods are used to keep up a flexible and efficient cost structure against the variation in volume on the warehouses. First, our staff is moved between the warehouses depending on the need of productivity through the season. Second, we have a great group of part-time employees, with most of logistics students from Lund University, Campus Helsingborg. By offering the students a practical view of logistics can Nowaste be a part of their development and get the students a greater perspective within their studies.